STANZ Constitution April 2015                                                     

Science Technicians’ Association of New Zealand (Inc)

The Science Technicians’ Association of New Zealand (Inc) (STANZ(Inc)) is a national association which represents the professional interests of all science technicians in education.

  1. Name

(a)  The name of the association shall be the “Science Technicians’ Association of New Zealand (Incorporated)’’.

(b)  The letters STANZ are the recognised contraction for the name of this association.

  1. Objectives

(a)  To identify and promote the on-going professional development needs of science technicians throughout New Zealand.

(b)  To encourage and promote links with the wider science and technology community.

(c)  To provide information and advice to science technicians on resources, methods and systems.

(d)  To provide professional stimulation of science technicians through opportunities for sharing professional ideas and opinions.

(e)  To collect, analyse and disseminate information about science technicians in New Zealand and overseas schools.

(f)   To endorse guidelines for science technician qualifications, role descriptions, professional development and support, resource requirements, deployment ratios, career structure and progression.

(g)  To be available to consult with the Ministry of Education, Government agencies and other organisations on matters concerning science technicians.

(h)  To promote safe work practices and environments as required by the HSNO Hazardous Substance and New Organism regulations (HSNO) and the Code of Practise for School Exempt laboratories (CoP).

(i)    To run the biennial conference of STANZ. This shall be hosted by regional groups.

  1. Membership

(a)  There shall be two categories of membership:

  1.   Individual members: Science Technicians who have registered their name and email address on the STANZ database. Subsequent subscription levels may be set by the Executive.
  2.           Life members: The STANZ National Executive may invite people whose service to Science Technician education is deemed worthy to become Life Members of STANZ. This membership will be ratified at the annual meeting of the Association.

(b)  Resignation of membership:

  1.    A member may resign by giving notice to the Secretary.
  2.    The return of 2 consecutive emails sent from the database manager to database members will also be deemed a resignation.

(c)  Exclusion of membership: The Executive reserves the right to exclude, without necessarily giving a reason, individual persons.

(d)  Rights of members: The Executive is the governing body of this Association. Members may act only through the Executive.

  1. Affiliation with Other Organizations

(a)  The Executive of the Association shall be empowered to affiliate the Association with such other bodies as it may, from time to time, deem fit.

  1. The Executive

Prior to the Annual General Meeting held in Conference years the members shall elect a National Executive Committee comprising up to 7 elected members.  The Immediate Past President retains a position on the executive with voting rights. The Office holders of the Executive (except Immediate Past President) are selected by the elected committee members. The Executive Committee chaired by the President shall have power to act on behalf of the Association between Annual meetings subject only to the terms of this constitution and to any resolutions of the Annual General Meeting.

(a)  Nomination of Executive

  1.  Candidates for election to the Executive of STANZ must be nominated and seconded in writing by members of the Association.
  2.  Names of candidates, together with appropriate information concerning their candidature shall, wherever possible, be circulated via email to database members least 2 weeks in advance of the elections. The non-receipt by any member shall not invalidate the election process.

(b)  Election of the Executive Committee

  1. There are seven elected member positions on the Executive. All elected positions are for a term of 2 years.
  2. Each of these positions shall be elected by members of the Association voting in an electronic ballot.

           iii. To be elected the member must be one of the 7 highest polling nominees.

  1. Should a member of the Executive be unable to complete the term for which they were elected, the Executive will have the power to co-opt a substitute for the balance of the time. The co-opted substitute Executive member has the same rights and opportunities as an elected Executive member and can vote on Executive issues.
  2. If deemed necessary the elected committee may co-opt  further members to the Executive but cannot exceed the number of  Executive members outlined in section 5. The co-opted member has all voting rights at Executive level.
  3. The Executive can remove a member of the Executive Committee from office by passing a vote of no confidence in that member.

(c)  Election of Executive Officers

  1. All officer positions except the Immediate Past President are elected by the Executive. These positions are for a term of 2 years.
  2. Every second year (after conference) a new President is elected for a four year term consisting of, two years as President and two  years as Immediate Past President.

(d)  Meetings of the Executive

The Executive should have 2 face-to-face meetings a year, but most general business will be carried out by email conversation. A quorum of at least 5 members of the Executive must be present at face-to-face meetings.

(e) If the President is unable to continue in their position or fulfil a particular duty then the Past President will fill the role until the President can resume their role or a new president is elected.


  1. Observers

Observers who are not members may attend meetings of the Executive subject to the approval of the President of the Association. Observers shall have no voting rights, neither shall they have speaking rights other than by invitation of the President.

  1. Executive Officer

(a) The Executive may appoint an Executive Officer to manage the affairs of the Association on such terms and conditions as they see fit.

  1. National Conference

(a)  A national conference shall be held biennially. At the Conference Annual General meeting the Executive shall appoint a Member responsible for forming the organising committee for the conference to be held in two years time. The conference shall not be held twice in the same region within a six year period.

(b)  The member from the region in which the conference is held shall act as organiser, host and promoter with an advance of funds from STANZ authorised by the Executive Committee.

(c)  The accounts of the national conference shall be kept separate from the accounts of STANZ. The organising committee must provide comprehensive accounts to STANZ after the conference. Any profits or losses will be received or borne by STANZ. No conference will be permitted to run if the projected budget shows a loss.

(d)  The recognised name of the national conference is ConSTANZ.

  1. AGM

(a)  At every AGM members will be welcome and the meeting will be presided over by the President.

(b)  Motions and items for discussion at the AGM must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of STANZ at least 6 weeks before the AGM to allow for publication with the agenda.

(c)  Remits from the AGM that are passed shall bind the Executive to an appropriate course of action.

  1. Provision of Information to Member

(a)  Copies of minutes of the proceedings of the Executive meetings, the AGM and full details of any relevant Executive business shall made available to Members as soon as is conveniently possible.

  1. Endowments and Grants

(a)  The Executive is empowered to seek grants and endowments to foster the objects of the Association.

  1. Standing Committees

(a)  The Executive may appoint any Standing Committees that are necessary to assist the Association’s activities.

  1. Representatives of the Association

(a)  Representatives of the STANZ for specific activities such as membership on outside organisations will be appointed by the Executive.

(b)  Each representative shall present a report of their activities to the Executive as requested.

  1. Finances

The financial year of the Association shall end on the last day of December each year.

(a)  The annual accounts of the association shall be reviewed by an appropriately qualified person who is appointed by Executive.

(b)  At the annual meeting the Executive shall consider the financial report and accounts for the preceding financial year and shall fix the membership subscription for the following financial year. Subscriptions shall be for the period 1 January to 31 December.

(c)  The income and property of the Association, however acquired, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association, and no portion of it shall be sold or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise, subject to the provision of clause 16 below, and the Association shall have power to borrow money for the purpose of assisting the objects of the Association.

(d)  The banking accounts of the Association shall be operated by signatories of the Association who will be nominated and affirmed at a meeting of the Executive. Any two of these signatories shall be required for all transactions.

  1. Common Seal

The common seal of the Association shall be held in the custody of the Treasurer and shall not be affixed to any document except by resolution of the Executive. The seal shall be attested by any two of the Executive.

  1. Winding up

In the event of the Association being wound up, dissolved, or its activities being suspended for a period exceeding one year and there remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to the Royal Society of New Zealand.

  1. Constitutional Amendment

The Executive may pass an amendment, deletion or addition to this Constitution by a majority vote at an executive meeting or by electronic voting. Members will be notified of the changes no later than 1 month after the decision.


STANZ(Inc) Constitution April 2015